WrassleRap With Emilio Sparks And Kaz #7 (The Race Episode) [LISTEN]


The relationship between race and being a wrestling fan has always been best described as complicated, at best. Outside of the mega-stardom of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the short but brilliant runs on top by guys like Booker T and Mark Henry, you would’ve been hard pressed to see a wrestler of African-American descent with a sustained run as a top draw in the WWE.

Moreover, most casual watchers of pro wrestling might even see the genre of entertainment almost as demeaning to African Americans as most of its characters in the past were given stereotypical storylines. However, stars like Sasha Banks, The New Day, TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley, Moose, Apollo Crews, former ROH champion Jay Lethal, and WWE Cruiserweight standouts Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann have shown that wrestlers of color aren’t only dependable performers, but can and have the potential to draw major bucks for their respective companies.

Recently, WWE Superstar Randy Orton had some words to say about Colin Kaepernick’s current protest of the national anthem that may have come across as arrogantly uninterested in the 49ers quarterback’s message.

In this episode of WrassleRap with Emilio Sparks and Kaz, the two are joined by good friend and wrestler-in-training Charday Simone to talk about the race issue in professional wrestling, and much more.

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Photo Credit: Roy Handy 

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