Premiere: G Two Turns His Focus to the Music Industry on “iii” [STREAM]

G Two

G Two has recorded plenty of songs, but none like “iii.” It triggered inspiration in the Brooklyn-based rapper from the moment he first heard it. Its “grandiose” beat was a reminder of classic Jeezy intros. The production helped the emerging emcee tap into an authenticity that’s heavily appreciated in music, especially hip-hop.

“iii” continues pulling listeners into G Two’s mindset. On previous records, we got deep cuts about loyalty, women, and his skill set. Now, he’s letting off a few thoughts about the industry. It doesn’t take long for the G-Two to take a shot at perception. “Most of these n*ggas ain’t real at all, a couple of gold teeth, that’s what’s real to y’all?” he questions at the start of the song. Within seconds, he’s steps away from what’s going on around him and zeros in on his own truth.

Like past songs, “iii” finds G Two intertwining his storytelling skills with a sharp flow. He goes from painting a grim picture of what he brings to the game to recalling conversations with his mother. He even throws in the meaning of the song’s title, which connects to a bar in the first verse. “I rap, ‘I got 3 eyes, 2 minds, 1 heart to tell no lies,’” he says, walking STASHED through “iii” significance via e-mail. “For me this is a play on spirituality. It represents my third eye, the left and right brain, and the honest (tell-tale) heart. A nod to Poe.”

“iii” is intro song on G Two’s forthcoming EP, Neo Noir. The project “is a body of work that conveys where he stands in black culture.”  It’s due out later this month.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fennell


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