You Have to See the Madden 17 Glitch That Is Giving Players Easy Touchdowns


Madden 17 is officially here, and sports gamers have been locked away improving their ultimate team and spending hours on the new and improved franchise mode. There are always pitfalls when new games come out and this year’s Madden is no different. Madden season has already brought about a number of hilarious glitches and hiccups in the game.

This year’s Madden seems to be allowing people to score much more easily than intended. In a number of different glitch videos, compiled by Deadspin, teams are able to score touchdowns by receiving kicks from the other team. For example, check out this video of the Titans missing the chance at overtime by kicking a touchdown to Cordarrelle Patterson?

This wasn’t the only instance of a situation like this happening. Another glitch took place when a kick returner turned around and stepped in his own endzone to immediately get a touchdown.

There have been plenty of other glitches as well including players breaking all tackles, no one being able to pick up a fumble, and even defenders being launched into the air. Have you copped the new Madden yet? I think it may be worth the price tag alone just to see whether one of these crazy glitches happen to you.

Photo Credit: EA Sports

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