Amazon Is Turning “The Departed” Into a TV Series

The Departed

In an effort to keep up with their competition, Amazon has decided to turn Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning film, The Departed, into a television series.

The 2006 film took in more than $132 million in the U.S.  and $289 million worldwide. The Departed was nominated for six Oscars and earned Scorsese his first award for Best Director. If pulled off successfully, adapting a film with such incredible accolades could put Amazon back on the playing field against its competitors.

Jason Richman – creator of Detroit 1-8-7 – is penning the adaptation and plans to put a new, updated spin on the film with the series. The two-way-undercover concept famously portrayed in Scorsese’s film will still play a part in the series, but the culture within the series will have a significant shift. Originally The Departed was set in Boston and dealt with the Irish mob, however, the adapted series will switch out Boston for present day Chicago. The show will also replace the Italian and Irish culture in favor for a new Latin element. The TV series will revolve around a young cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a ruthless Latino gang. However, similar to the Irish mob in the film, the Latino gang has plans of their own and simultaneously plants their own man in the police department. The show will follow these two moles in their respective organizations as they attempt to fulfill their missions while staying alive.

As stated earlier, this is the latest film to be coming to television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this coming fall season viewers will see the arrival of reboots such as Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist on Fox, Training Day on CBS and Taken on NBC. According to Deadline, this will be Amazon’s second big movie title being developed as a TV series for its Amazon video service. The streaming platform recently decided to make Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan into a series starring John Krasinski. If The Departed is successful as a TV series, it will be another step in Amazon’s growing programming.

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