Shane McMahon Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex [VIDEO]

Sane McMahon

Michael Jordan and his signature shoe line transcended the “sneakerhead” culture of customers that camp out to buy a new pair of sneakers before they fly off the shelves. The Air Jordan 1 was introduced to the public in 1985 and since that first pair, Jordans have eclipsed all expectations. Before Jordans, basketball sneakers were made to wear on the court. Now, athletic apparel has become part of fashion. Over 30 years later, Jordans are still the most sought-after basketball sneakers on the market and are a must-have in Shane McMahon’s closet.

Shane is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter of the famed McMahon family. His grandfather Jess McMahon founded what would become the WWE. Shane’s father Vince took the company to new heights in the ’90s during the “Attitude Era.” This era marked a shift towards controversial storylines created for shock value. and fans saw an increase in the McMahon family’s onscreen presence. Shane stole the show as Vince’s high-flying son who wasn’t afraid to put his body on the line every match. While some of Shane’s stunts turned heads, his sneakers broke necks.

In the latest episode of Complex‘s video series Sneaker Shopping, Shane recalls some of his most memorable sneakerhead moments while shopping in New York’s famed Flight Club. Check out the video as Shane also gives his opinion on Kanye West having his own signature line.


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