Action Bronson – “F*ck, That’s Delicious” Episode 3 [VIDEO]


If your greatest wealth of knowledge about England comes from watching BBC News and Guy Ritchie movies, Action Bronson is here to change that. For episode 3 of his MUNCHIES web-series “F*ck, That’s Delicious.” Bam Bam journeys to the United Kingdom to educate viewers on some of the finer points of English cuisine; with his own flair, of course. Open up your memo pads, kids, Action is putting you on to some mandatory food stops in London.

To kick things off the Queens native visits London’s Chinatown district to enjoy what he claims is the best char siu bao (Chinese BBQ pork buns) on the planet. As the rapper puts it, “It’s barbecue pork on GH. It’s like Barry Bonds f*ckin’ filling, it’s ridiculous. Pause on Barry Bonds filling.” After chowing down on said BBQ pork buns, Bronson acts as the restauranteur’s hypeman. The sequence may be the closest thing we ever get to a SMACK DVD for foodies.

Among Bronson’s other London destinations are the Lahore Kabob House for a jet lag remedy known as “Michael Jackson lamb” and a couple of neighboring bagel shops where he conducts a taste test with one of the locals. Also on the agenda is a stop over in Liverpool where Bronson indulges in a traditional blue collar meat stew known as scouse which he uses to concoct a makeshift “white trash bruschetta.”

Watch episode 3 below to remind you how weak your lunch game was today.

Photo Credit: VICE

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