Cleveland’s Josh Gordon Faces Season-Long Suspension

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I don’t know if it’s the BasedGod or actual God, but there is some sort of deity out there who absolutely hates the Cleveland Browns. Not even 24 hours removed from listening to a homeless man and drafting Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Browns are back to square one. When the Browns drafted Manziel everyone immediately started talking about the tandem that he and wide receiver Josh Gordon would become.

Unfortunately for the Browns organization and their fans this duo may have to wait a year before they hit the field. According to ESPN’s T.J. Quinn and Don Van Natta Jr., the former Baylor wideout has failed a second drug test. Now Gordon faces a season-long suspension after testing positive for marijuana.

When reached by phone Friday afternoon Gordon had this to say about his pending suspension: “That’s something you’re going to have to talk to [agent] Drew Rosenhaus about. I really don’t know anything about it.” When ESPN went to talk to Rosenhaus about his client’s drug test the agent declined to go into details on the matter.

As comical as the Browns failings are at this point, this time it’s kind of disappointing to hear this happened because the Browns nearly got it right.


Photo Credit: cbssports

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