Ice JJ Fish – “On The Floor” [VIDEO]

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Internet R&B sensation Ice JJ Fish has finally released an official video for his viral hit “On The Floor.” I can go on about this song, but I’ll just go ahead and quote JJ himself in his video description.

You’ve heard his music.. you’ve seen his moves.. you asked for it and the time has finally come.. This is almost comparable to the second coming of Jesus.. maybe even 2pac?? gives you the OFFICIAL visual for IceJJFish, On The Floor (Pro By Headshots)

This is the second of the 3 visuals we have in store for you all. Many thought he was playing around when he said he was here in San Antonio,Tx working, well, here is the proof!

There is a lot of major things that are coming in the near future that we will not touch on so for now, let the sweet sounds of the Fish serenade you all! Men and women, get ready to be ear fucked by the almighty, king IceJJFish! #FishNation

What do you say after that? Absolutely nothing. Hit the jump to check out the epic video for “On The Floor.”

Photo Credit: YouTube

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Kazeem Famuyide

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  • Jus Bkool

    Really now??? I haven’t laughed this hard in years. Ice JJ Fish is what the world of comedy has been missing since Dave Chappelle came on the scene. Keep us rolling….lol