Yes, Colin Kaepernick Shaved Off An Eyebrow After Last Night’s Loss

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Did you think that this was just a funny marketing ploy? Well, yes and no. As a part of promoting EA Sports Madden 25, the company created the #ColinVsRussell hashtag in conjunction with the much hyped meeting between Colin Kaepernick’s San Francisco 49ers and Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks.

To up the ante however, the loser of the much anticipated face off would have to shave off one of their eyebrows. Well, if you missed last night’s NFL showdown on Sunday night, the Seahawks dismantled the Niners due to a big game from Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman.

But hold up, wait a minute. Y’all thought they were finished? As it turns out, this was pre-recorded weeks before the game started. A brilliant marketing scheme by EA Sports. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson admitted on Softy Mahler’s radio show in Seattle that the bet wasn’t real according to Larry Brown Sports.

Either way, you can check out the clip down below.


Photo Credit: YouTube.

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